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Pop It Fidget Popper Fidget Lama Toys

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1. This push bubble fidget Llama toy has a quiet side and a loud side. 2. Our llama fidget dimple toy set is made of high-quality grade silicone, which is safe and tasteless. 3. This Pop it Keychain is a great attraction for your toy shop, boutique, and online website. 4. The 5.5*6.5 Inch with 0.15lb Weight is easy to carry and can be played whenever and wherever. 5. Players take turns pressing down any number of bubbles they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last one loses. JSBlueRidge is a well-known wholesale brand in the fidget toy market The push bubble fidget toy can help restore the mood and effectively relieve anxiety and stress, which is an effective tool essential for people with autism and stress. The bubble sensory fidget Llama toy is full of creativity, It can keep the brain active and prevent brain degeneration for the elderly. This best-seller toy can easily be sold on amazon and on your retailer website.